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Success Stories - Selassie Farm and Groceries

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Fafali Azaglo

pictureFafali Azaglo's began Selassie Farm and Groceries after experiencing a series of product revelations in her dreams. She made these dreams a reality and started her business by selling her products to her neighbors and the employees at local governmental offices. As Fafali sold her products door to door she created a steady customer base and gathered product feedback. Today Selassie Farm and Groceries consists of ten employees and boasts an impressive variety of value-added processed foods that are both locally consumed and internationally exported. These products include: fruit, moringa, soya, and potato bread; as well as hausa koko, weani mix, instant plantain fufu, special cereal, banku mix, and corn grits. The high quality products and impressive packaging are just two qualities that make Selassie Farm and Groceries a stand-out business among its competitors. Fafali's business is rooted in her Christian faith. She says "my Christian faith is my business pillar. It is God that brought my product ideas. It is God who brought my customers. It is God who continues to sustain the business." Fafali's love for her business is portrayed through her contagious smile and gentle spirit. She was formally trained as a teacher but has always been a born caterer at heart. She has a gift for cooking and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes.

Nonetheless, Fafali continues to use her teaching skills as she trains and builds personal relationships with each of her employees. "I love my business. Even when I am not feeling well I come to work and see my employees and I am healed," says Fafali. Selassie Farm and Groceries was already a thriving business when Fafali was referred to Hopeline Institute's SME training. Even so, Fafali was able to acquire new business skills including setting stronger business boundaries.She was able to strengthen her record-keeping skills and she is now able to tend to the business' books even when her husband, the business' accountant, is away. In addition, the other business people that Fafali met during Hopeline's SME training have become her suppliers, business partners, and friends. Fafali's motto continues to ring true in her everyday life and business activities: "life is how you make it. Receive people well be sociable and share."


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  • " Through the SME businesss development training, my personal wrestling with God finally made sense.” – 
    Owner of Total Image Fashion

    “ I was taught from childhood to save but the village Savings and Loan Association was the first reliable place for me to save my income and invest in my business.” – 
    Community Member of Abokobi Village

    “The way I conduct my business is completely different this time around as a result of all that I learned during Hopeline Institute’s training. I now diligently and carefully keep my records and consider costing and pricing.”
    – Owner of Twelve Baskets

    “Hopeline’s SME training was very beneficial because it helped me create a business plan and learn how to properly keep my records. Before then, I had never had any formal training in the financial aspects of business.”