SME Training - 22nd Aug. to 15 Sept.

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About Hopeline Institute

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Hopeline Institute is a registered training oriented non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2007.


Hopeline Institute envisions a world in which there is egalitarian access to the productive resources and sufficient information through education for all to engage in enterprises that support a decent living. Therefore, the organization exists to assist the marginalized, especially women, through microfinance and the needed education in entrepreneurial skill development, micro insurance and preventive health training for them to engage in effective micro-enterprise operations. Hopeline Institute’s carefully couched mission seeks to remedy resource accessibility imbalances throughout the country.


HOPELINE INSTITUTE believes that women contribute decisively to the well-being of their families so investing in them will bring a multiplier effect. This belief is buttressed by researched facts that;

 Women are more likely to be poor and malnourished and less likely to receive medical services, clean water, sanitation and other benefits.

  The prevalence of female-headed households.

 The lower earning capacity of women and their limited control over their spouses’ income

  Women have less access to education, formal-sector employment, social security and government employment programmes.

 Society’s attitude towards women denies them access to land, technology, training and more importantly the credit they need to run their own business.

That is why, Hopeline Institute believes that by simply providing targeted training and education coupled with accessibility to sound capital can lead to the enhancement of women’s personal and professional lives, while allowing them to grow their businesses from below micro, to micro, to small and medium scale; hence a holistic transformation.

" Through the SME businesss development training, my personal wrestling with God finally made sense.” –
Owner of Total Image Fashion

“ I was taught from childhood to save but the village Savings and Loan Association was the first reliable place for me to save my income and invest in my business.” –
Community Member of Abokobi Village

“The way I conduct my business is completely different this time around as a result of all that I learned during Hopeline Institute’s training. I now diligently and carefully keep my records and consider costing and pricing.”
– Owner of Twelve Baskets

“Hopeline’s SME training was very beneficial because it helped me create a business plan and learn how to properly keep my records. Before then, I had never had any formal training in the financial aspects of business.”